Where is i smile dental care?

I Smile dental care is located in Jackson Heights. Our team can help you and your family's dental and periodontal needs. We continue to help more people like you experience dentistry the way it should be by growing iSmile Dental Care with offices in Manassas, Gainesville, Fairfax, Reston and Herndon, VA, as well as a sister branch in Hagerstown, MD. If you are a current patient, thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet your dental needs.

You can trust us to keep your smile and body healthy, providing everything from cleanings and screenings to oral cancer screenings and emergency dental care. From preventive cleanings to dental implants & dentures, iSmile Dental is the place to go for all your dental needs 26% in one convenient place. General and preventive care forms the basis of good oral health from which a beautiful smile can be built. Vivar earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Touro College of Dental Medicine, New York School of Medicine.

With iSmile Dental Care, you'll never have to travel too far from home or work to get the dentistry you and your smile deserve. We look forward to meeting you soon & developing a relationship with you to build the bridge to long-term trust & successful dental care. We believe in offering gentle, personal dentistry in an environment free from the intimidating dental office pressures you may have experienced in the past. It can repair your dental problems and reveal a healthier, more functional smile that looks as good as it feels so you can enjoy life again.

Once the implants have been placed, they can be used to support a single-tooth crown, restore a bridge, or even to secure the denture firmly in place and give you the confidence to smile again.

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