What is the average number of patients in a dental practice?

If the dental office doesn't produce at this level, you need help. A full-time dental office must have a minimum of 1600 active patients. The upper limit of the scale for how many active patients a single dentist can handle is 2,300 patients. A general dentist sees 10 to 15 patients on average a day and each dental hygienist sees about 8 a day.

The average number of patients for a consultation with two hygienists and a full-time dentist is 31 per day. Dental offices may be worth less in the future. The number of graphs in your practice is a very important measure of how busy you will be. However, charts don't dictate the value of your goodwill.

Monitor the number of patients you and the hygienists see each day. The ideal for the doctor is eight to 12 patients. It's also a good idea to monitor patients who left the office without scheduling their next appointment. To get a continuous feeding of new patients in the office, a dentist must maintain a marketing plan that includes print advertising, such as direct mail sends aimed at promoting the services and attributes of the dental office.

The effectiveness of your advertising and marketing can be tracked based on the number of new patient phone inquiries compared to the designated number. B) If the average frequency is twice a year, there are 900 patients in a regular retirement program. A dentist should always hire enough dental staff to ensure that an increase in patients can be accommodated. A dental office will lose approximately 10% of its active patient base per year due to dropout, such as patients moving, dying, or losing their jobs or dental insurance, so it's very important to continue in the market to gain new patients and retain existing patients.

Practitioner “B” is very progressive and utilizes the services of a full-time hygienist and preventive dental assistant who subscribe to a modern soft tissue management program. Active patients are those who have been in the office for services in the past 18 months and are also scheduled for their retirement or review visit.

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